Einladung zu Dr. Ketaki Kushari Dyson

von | 31.03.2004

Der Arbeitskreis Ruhr der Deutsch-Britischen Gesellschaft lädt seine Mitglieder und Freunde zu folgender Veranstaltung ein:

Mittwoch, 31. März 2004, 19 Uhr

Nova Vita Residenz Am Folkwang Museum, Goethestraße 19, 45128 Essen

Dr. Ketaki Kushari Dyson

‚Communicating Between Cultures: The Possibilities, Paradoxes and Challenges That Face Us Today‘

Writers who can build bridges are very much needed in today’s world. I mean bridge-building in an authentic sense. The possibilities of dialogue in today’s world, with the latest technological developments, are immense. Yet the paradoxes and contradictions are amazing too, and there is a lamentable lack of mutual knowledge between the different camps. It will be disastrous for our future if we cannot bridge this gap. Although there is much talk of ‚multiculturalism‘, most of it refers to a shallow level of activity, while unseen hands constantly direct us towards a monocultural highway. The challenge for us is to move away from confrontational approaches and initiate compassionate dialogues which will increase mutual understanding between the cultures of the world in a more inclusive way.

Ketaki Kushari Dyson is a bilingual writer of the Indian diaspora in the West. She was born in Calcutta in 1940 and was educated both there and at Oxford. She holds First-class Honours degrees in English Literature from both Calcutta and Oxford Universities and also a doctorate from Oxford. She has been based in England since her marriage to an Englishman and has two sons. She became a British citizen in 1965 and lives in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

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