Einladung zu Major Tony Clunn MBE

von | 10.12.2009

Die Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft Ruhr e. V. lädt seine Mitglieder und Freunde zu folgender Veranstaltung ein:

Major Tony Clunn MBE

„In Quest of the lost legions The ‚Varusschlacht'“

Mittwoch, 16.12.2009
19:00 Uhr

im RüKONTOR (5. Etage), Rüttenscheider Straße 144, Essen-Rüttenscheid

2000 years after the battle of the Roman legions led by the Roman General Varus against the German tribesmen under the command of Arminius we are privileged and honoured to welcome the man who discovered the battlefield back in 1987, Major Tony Clunn.

This battle in the year 09 AD was a military disaster on a huge scale. It dealt a blow to the might of Imperial Rome, and it probably changed the course of European history. Three entire legions and support troops – twenty thousand men in all – were wiped out by German tribesmen: It was a savage running battle lasting four days.

For hundreds of years professional archaeologists have been unable to agree on the location of the battle. It took a British hobby archaeologist like Tony Clunn to confirm the assumption of Theodor Mommsen who – back in the year 1885 – had suspected that Kalkriese near Osnabrück might have been the venue of the Varusschlacht. By dint of hard work, much ground searching and remarkable imaginative flair, Tony Clunn has established Kalkriese as the last point of attack, the bottleneck where six to ten thousand Roman soldiers were trapped and died.

It is a gripping story of field detection, buried treasures, local legends and archaeological research, persistence and reward.

Tony Clunn was born on 10th May 1946 in Strood Kent and he travelled all over the world before returning to England in 1955. Having completed his school education he joined the army in 1961 where he served as a soldier in the 3rd Royal tank regiment. From 1987 he was stationed in Osnabrück, where he first met with the archaeologist Professor Schlüter.

It was in 1987 that he discovered 160 denarii at Kalkriese triggering off archaeological excarvations on a large scale.

In 1996 Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II presented him with the Member of the Order of the British Empire. With his family and his youngest son Mark Anthony, Tony Clunn lives in Schwagsdorf Germany.

Zu diesem Vortrag in englischer Sprache sind die Studierenden und Lehrenden der Schule sehr herzlich eingeladen.

Unser Vortragsraum befindet sich in der 5. Etage des RüKONTOR (Aufzug vorhanden), Rüttenscheider Str. 144/Eingang Gregorstraße, gegenüber dem Giradet-Haus. Parkmöglichkeiten auf den anliegenden Strassen, auf den Parkplätzen des Giradethauses und am Ende der Gregorstraße vorhanden. U-Bahn Verbindung von Essen-Hbf: Linien U11, 101 und 107, Station Martinstraße (3 Minuten Fußweg). Busse von der Haltestelle Giradet Haus (Linie 142) und von der Haltestelle Martinstraße (Linien 142, 160 und 161).