Einladung zu William Wolff

von | 15.02.2005

Der Arbeitskreis Ruhr der Deutsch-Britischen Gesellschaft lädt seine Mitglieder und Freunde zu folgender Veranstaltung ein:

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2005, 19:00 Uhr

Nova Vita Residenz Am Folkwang Museum, Goethestraße 19, 45128 Essen

William Wolff:
„I was accredited to 10 Downing Street“

In his lecture William Wolff will focus on the relationship between the National Press and politics in the United Kingdom, especially on the role of the British Lobby correspondent and the function of the unique Lobby system. As a longstanding journalist who was accredited to Downing Street for approximately 40 years he has gained an immediate and authentic insight into British government covering the work of British Prime Ministers from Anthony Eden up to John Major, whom he served as a ghostwriter in the election campaign of 1992.

William Wolff is presently the chief Rabbi of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. From 1955 to 1992 he was accredited as a journalist at the House of Commons, both as a Parliamentary „gallery“ and as a „lobby“ correspondent, which meant accreditation to 10 Downing Street. He published mainly in the Daily Mirror, a national paper, which – in its haydays – had a daily circulation of some 5 million copies, having spent much of his professional life with English and Scottish provincial papers, always based in the London offices. As he accompanied many British Foreign Secretaries on their diplomatic missions in Europe and worldwide, he is also familiar with the international dimension of British politics. Today he still occasionally writes for The Times, largely obituaries, but also some opinion pieces.

Zu diesem Vortrag in englischer Sprache laden wir Sie herzlich ein. Gäste sind sehr willkommen!

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