Welcome to the World Youth Day 2005 in Essen

von | 03.08.2005

On behalf of the teachers and students of the Nikolaus-Groß-Abendgymnasium, a school of further education founded by the first Bishop of Essen, Dr. Franz Hengsbach in 1959, I very warmly welcome all the participants of the World Youth day in the diocese of Essen.

„We have come to worship Him“ – This is the motto of the World Youth day in Cologne and of the days which will be taking place in our diocese.

Our school offers you information both in English and in German with the following documents and links:

  1. Links to the homepages of the WYD in Cologne and Essen
  2. Comprehensive information on the patron of our school, Blessed Nikolaus Groß and his wife Elisabeth with texts, pictures and songs from the Musical „Nikolaus Groß“
  3. A collection of words and expressions in the English language which might help you to communicate with our guests during the days in Essen.
  4. An invitation to visit our tent on Kettwiger Straße on the day under construction, Friday, 12th August, 17.00 – 22.00 hours.

Essen, 30th July 2005
Bernhard Nadorf (School director)